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Anonymous asked
Do inmates usually ask you to come and visit them after you've been exchanging letters for a while?

Yeah, a lot have asked me to visit and sent me visitation forms.  I only fill out the forms if I know it’s a possibility for me.  I’ve visited about 6 inmates, and have plans to visit a few more within the next few months.  It’s not always manageable, a lot of prisons are really out of the way. 


During Dennis Rader’s years as a Boy Scout troop leader, he almost got caught once after finding himself unable to escape his own bonds after he tied himself upside down inside of a camper during a scout outing. He was able to eventually work himself out of his ties.


Interviewer: Is Charlie Manson crazy?Charles Manson: Well whatever that means, sure, he’s crazy, as mad as a hatter. What difference does it make? You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.(Quote via Diane Sawyer interview)


Interviewer: Is Charlie Manson crazy?
Charles Manson: Well whatever that means, sure, he’s crazy, as mad as a hatter. What difference does it make? You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.

(Quote via Diane Sawyer interview)

kalinamalia asked
What do we do if we're interested in buying a book from you?

You can email me at to buy anything from me.


Alright so I’ve decided to do a ~master post~ of some of my favourite disturbing/creepy documentaries. Click the name to watch the documentary. Each description is taken from Wikipedia. Feel free to add to the list!

The Bridge -  The Bridge is a 2006 British-American documentary film by Eric Steel that consists of the results of one year’s filming of theGolden Gate Bridge in 2004, which captured a number of suicides, and additional filming of family and friends of some of the identified people who had thrown themselves from the bridge.

Earthlings -  Earthlings is a 2005 documentary film about humanity’s use of animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research. 

The Killing of America - The Killing of America focuses on what the director feels is the decline of the United States. It features interviews from Ed Dorris, a retired sergeant of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, as well as Los Angeles County Coroner Thomas Noguchi. The documentary also shows several interviews with convicted killers such as Sirhan Sirhan as well as footage of murders and news broadcasts.

Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple - Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple, is a 2006 documentary film made by Firelight Media, produced and directed by Stanley Nelson. The documentary reveals new footage of the incidents surrounding the Peoples Temple and its leader Jim Joneswho led over 900 members of his religious group to a settlement in Guyana called Jonestown, where he orchestrated a mass suicide with poisoned Flavor Aid, in 1978. It is in the form of a narrative with interviews with former Temple members, Jonestown survivors, and persons who knew Jones at various stages.

Aokigahara: Suicide Forest The Aokigahara Forest is a lonely place to die. So dense is the vegetation at the foot of Japan’s Mount Fuji, it is all too easy to disappear among the evergreens and never be seen again.

Interview with a Cannibal - 30 years ago, a Japanese man named Issei Sagawa walked to the Bois de Boulogne, a park on the outskirts of Paris, carrying two suitcases. The contents of those suitcases, to the lament of a nearby jogger, was the dismembered body of a fellow student – a Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt, whom Sagawa had shot three days prior and had spent the days since eating various parts of her body.

Child of Rage -Child of Rage is a CBS Television movie made in 1992 starring Ashley Peldon and Mel Harris. The film is based on the true story of Beth Thomas, who suffered from reactive attachment disorder as a result of being sexually abused as a child. The film was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, with classroom scenes being filmed at Mary Hill Elementary School.

Cropsey - Cropsey is a 2009 American documentary film written and directed by Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio. The film initially begins as an examination of “Cropsey,” a boogeyman-like figure from New York urban legend, before segueing into the story of Andre Rand, a convicted child kidnapper from Staten Island.

Shoah - Shoah is a 1985 French documentary film directed by Claude Lanzmann about the Holocaust. The film primarily consists of his interviews and visits to Holocaust sites across Poland, including three extermination camps. It presents testimonies by selected survivors, witnesses, and German perpetrators, often secretly recorded using hidden cameras.

The Act of Killing - The Act of Killing is a documentary which challenges former Indonesian death-squad leaders to re-enact their mass-killings in whichever cinematic genres they wish, including classic Hollywood crime scenarios and lavish musical numbers.

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer -  Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer is a 2003 feature-length documentary film about Aileen Wuornos, made by Nick Broomfieldas a follow-up to his 1992 film Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer. The film focuses on Wuornos’ declining mental state and the questionable judgment to execute her despite her being of unsound mind.

Deliver Us from Evil - Deliver Us from Evil is a 2006 American documentary film directed by Amy J. Berg which tells the true story of Catholic priest Oliver O’Grady, who admitted to having molested and raped approximately 25 children in Northern California between the late 1970s and early 1990s.

A chilling letter written by Florida’s “Craigslist Killer” David Sparre to his ex-girlfriend.  David Sparre is another one of the youngest killers on Florida’s Death Row today.

If Anyone Is Interested, I Have The Following Books For Sale

Obsessive Poisoner by Winnifred Young
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The Phantom Prince: My Life With Ted Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall
The Murderous Trail of Charles Starkweather by James Melvin Reinhardt


Jared Lee Loughner Yearbook photo from his High School Mountain View in Arizona.


Jared Lee Loughner Yearbook photo from his High School Mountain View in Arizona.

Anonymous asked
Do you know (I'm sure you do) any inmates that are psychopaths? Either self-proclaimed or just plain obvious?

In my not-so-professional opinion…

  • Dennis Rader “BTK”
  • Patrick Mackay
  • Dennis Nilsen
  • Ed Kemper
  • Kenneth Bianchi
  • Cole Strandberg

To name a few.

Anonymous asked
Your responses are so awesome and helpful but I especially love the ones where you add the extra "ummph"!! I love that about your personality. Example: "Bobby Joe Long is a movie buff. But he's also a pig." ~ along those lines. Love it!! It's almost like a little forewarning lol love your sassiness 😊🌟🌟

Haaaa, thank you!  Sweet of you to say <3 (The Bobby Joe Long thing is true, by the way!)