A Tumblr for anything and everything that falls under the True Crime umbrella. Serial Killers, Mass Shooters, Psychopaths, Inmates, Mobsters, Terrorists, Teen Killers, Deceased Killers, Prison Life, Murderabilia / True Crime Artifacts, Writing to Inmates, Books / Films, Pictures, etc. Any Asks pertaining to those subjects are welcomed and encouraged. I'm an extremely visual person so I enjoy posting as many pictures as possible. This page was created for those interested in all things True Crime and are seeking to learn more, start writing inmates, or share their knowledge. I will be posting original content & reblogging from other awesome True Crime blogs. I will answer any questions about writing to inmates to the best of my ability. This blog is purely to educate and share true crime information and showcase some of the true crime artifacts I collect; I am not "attracted" to any of the people I blog about. My personal blog? My girlfriend is thedeathmerchant, and we will probably get married soon and drink wine right out of the bottle at our wedding, sorry but we're not sorry.


Anonymous asked
What kind of things should you avoid talking about when writing to an inmate?

Their crime!

Anonymous asked
I love you and your blog. Two questions. Can you please tell me Jeremy Jones cell location? Two, can you post more pictures of Jeremy Jones dick? I came so hard to the last ones.

I just spit up my gin n tonic

Anonymous asked
Damn that was a lot of stuff u were gonna need an 18 wheeler to ship his whole list

The sweet prince was feelin’ greedy

ezra-420 asked
I love your blog so much. Omg. :')

<3 yours is great too!

Anonymous asked
Hi. Always been intrigued by these ppl but only found pages like yours last night. Then I dreamt about James Holmes. What is it you think that attracts us to these people? Because I've felt this way since I was 14, about to be 30. Help me rationalize

I am not sure, I’m not a psych.  Some women are attracted to dangerous men.  You should read Prison Groupies by Clifford Linedecker. 

Anonymous asked
Do you have any info on alex crain?

I don’t really know what’s going on with him right now.  Last I heard he was being held at a Juvenile Detention Center in Florida.

Anonymous asked
Hi :) I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to recommend me a killer who isn't that well known I guess you could say, whose crime people aren't so aware of? Thanks in advance. :)

I know a few, but please message me privately.

Anonymous asked
Do you think that when writing a letter to a prisoner for the first time you shouldn't mention their sentace?

Mention whatever you want.  I usually avoid mentioning their sentence and their crimes…especially because a lot of people who ARE incarcerated claim to be innocent.  My first letters are always very easy going and I avoid talking about the darker side of things.