A Tumblr for anything and everything that falls under the True Crime umbrella. Serial Killers, Mass Shooters, Psychopaths, Inmates, Mobsters, Terrorists, Teen Killers, Deceased Killers, Prison Life, Murderabilia / True Crime Artifacts, Writing to Inmates, Books / Films, Pictures, etc. Any Asks pertaining to those subjects are welcomed and encouraged. I'm an extremely visual person so I enjoy posting as many pictures as possible. This page was created for those interested in all things True Crime and are seeking to learn more, start writing inmates, or share their knowledge. I will be posting original content & reblogging from other awesome True Crime blogs. I will answer any questions about writing to inmates to the best of my ability. This blog is purely to educate and share true crime information and showcase some of the true crime artifacts I collect; I am not "attracted" to any of the people I blog about. My personal blog? My girlfriend is thedeathmerchant, and we will probably get married soon and drink wine right out of the bottle at our wedding, sorry but we're not sorry.


Anonymous asked
Most interesting psychopath, in your opinion?

Patrick Mackay. Hands down.

Anonymous asked
Im so glad I came across ur blog bc I never would have had the courage to write to a prisioner before seeing easy it is. And now im writing to someone ive been wanting to for years we've got a lot in common and his letters make me happy, so thank you

I’m really glad you feel comfortable and are finally doing what you want! This is great news to me.

Anonymous asked
i'm wondering if there's any other lovely ladies or gentlemen that post a lot of this man, donald? :) thank u.

I know him personally, since I’ve posted about him a lot of people have reached out to him and I encourage that. Keep sending him love guys, he needs it.

Anonymous asked

oh yES sweetie, yeSSS

fieldofpsychosis asked
To the anon: Another person who did experiments on her victims is Delphine La'Laurie

Thank you!

He is cruel and selfish, and I love him.

Myra Hindley, writing about Ian Brady in her diary (via blood-countess)

Anonymous asked
why are you raffling off such cool items

I love to share, no need for me to hoard!

Anonymous asked
Do you know of any killers who would experiment on their victims? Like mock medical experiments and stuff like that, sort of like nazi doctors? I'm doing a research paper and need more examples but am coming up dry. Any help is appreciated.

I don’t know about “nazi doctors” but some serial killers who liked to experiment//torture their victims are…

  • Anatoly Slivko
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Robert Berdella
  • Harold Shipman
  • David Parker Ray
  • Dean Corll
  • Charles Ng and Leonard Lake
  • Larry Bittaker and Roy Norris
  • Gerard Schaefer
  • Gary Heidnik
  • Christopher Wilder
  • Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

Anonymous asked
im ur secret admi-er-er-er

no you’re not