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thedeathmerchant asked

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Anonymous asked
if i wanted to message female inmates like, who can i choose from?

You could always look up cases that involved females.  Or go to WriteAPrisoner and search for Female Inmates.

yout00kmyurl asked
First of all I have to say I LOVE your blog! I know you get a lot of asks but hopefully ya can answer this one. What do you think about Kip Kinkel? I have a major in criminal justice and I've always been fascinated by young killers yet i've never felt bad for any of them until i can across Kip Kinkel. Was he ever diagnosed with anything? And also Jake Evans? What do you know about him as of lately. Thank you soooo much xoxo

I do feel for Kip.  I honestly feel for most of the “young” killers, those that have been incarcerated from a very early age and will most likely spend the rest of their lives behind bars, or be released when they are in their 80’s.  Lately, I’ve been really emotional over the case of Donald Rudolph.  I post about him quite a bit, you should look him up.

So many kids have mental health issues that go unnoticed and unaddressed, and then tragedies occur.  If you haven’t yet you should read "The Shooting Game" by Joseph Lieberman.  

As for Jake Evans, I honestly don’t know enough about him yet to answer that question.  I’m sure during trial, I will learn more and understand what happened better.

Anonymous asked
urgh i asked that question about tj before where someone replied "who's insecure enough to actually ask this." um to that person, not everyone has soaring high self esteem.

Ay, I understand.  I just answered your question with an honest answer.  I’m sure you’re beautiful lil lady.  To be totally honest with you, if you don’t have soaring high self esteem, given his track record—he’s probably not someone you want to write (just my two cents.) 

Anonymous asked
i love you so much for having this blog and answering my creepy anon questions with respect. xx much love from australia :)

Aw Australia, I’ll always try to answer your creepy anon questions the best I can!!!  Xo.

Anonymous asked
i'm writing a letter to an inmate, and i'm including some song lyrics in the letter. the lyrics have the worlds "drugs" in them, will my letter get returned because of this because it's breaking the rules? what do you think? thanks x

I don’t think your letter would get rejected for something like that.  I would just send it.  If it gets returned, then you know that prison is probably a little insane when it comes to their rules.  But I’ve never had a letter rejected for using the word “drugs.”  I did get my letter rejected once because one of the photos I sent had BEER! in them.  It was actually really funny.

Anonymous asked
Have you heard of Alexis Valdez? His case is kind of new but I was wondering what you thought about it

That’s such a recent case, I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned it.  I actually feel very sorry for him (Valdez) because I believe he is very mentally ill.  I’m interested in seeing what happens as this case unravels.

Read here if you have not heard of this case.

Anonymous asked
I'm a beginner at writing and was looking for a list of suggestions to write to. Preferably people who write back a lot of the time. Any type of crime :) thanks in advance!

I guess if I were you, and you seem pretty easy going, I would try the following

  • Douglas Clark
  • Phillip Jablonski
  • Michael Carneal
  • Colton Harvey
  • Tristan Stahley
  • Roy Norris
  • Edward Spreitzer
  • Robin Gecht
Anonymous asked
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