A Tumblr for anything and everything that falls under the True Crime umbrella. Serial Killers, Mass Shooters, Psychopaths, Inmates, Mobsters, Terrorists, Teen Killers, Deceased Killers, Prison Life, Murderabilia / True Crime Artifacts, Writing to Inmates, Books / Films, Pictures, etc. Any Asks pertaining to those subjects are welcomed and encouraged. I'm an extremely visual person so I enjoy posting as many pictures as possible. This page was created for those interested in all things True Crime and are seeking to learn more, start writing inmates, or share their knowledge. I will be posting original content & reblogging from other awesome True Crime blogs. I will answer any questions about writing to inmates to the best of my ability. This blog is purely to educate and share true crime information and showcase some of the true crime artifacts I collect; I am not "attracted" to any of the people I blog about. My personal blog? My girlfriend is thedeathmerchant, and we will probably get married soon and drink wine right out of the bottle at our wedding, sorry but we're not sorry.



Westley Dodd entering the courtroom.

Video was terrible quality :(


Both Truecrimehothouse and thedeathmerchant are following me so as a true crime enthusiast and criminal justice major, my life is complete. 

You’re super sweet.  <3


I’ll probably end up sourcing truecrimehothouse ‘s No Easy Answers book. Actually getting to incorporate this into school work will be cool. 

I’m really glad that signed copy is yours now!  <3

Executed serial killer Westley Allan Dodd.

Executed serial killer Westley Allan Dodd.

thedeathmerchant asked
You got an anon ask from someone in Lincoln, Nebraska about Starkweather. Do you think you could ask them to send me a message and hopefully they'll see it. I have a project I need help with. Thank youuuu💜

Anon from Lincoln, Nebraska.  Message thedeathmerchant please!

Anonymous asked
Can you write Charles Manson, or is he off limits? Are there any of his followers still in jail you can write? Sorry if you've answered this before, which you probably have, but I'm on mobile.

Yeah, you’re able to write him.  Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, Bruce Davis, and Bobby Beausoleil are all still in prison.

Anonymous asked
hello! I've been thinking about writing to an inmate for a while but I never really wanted to go through it because I felt ashamed of it. Now thanks to your blog I realize that there is nothing wrong with that, so thank you. With that out the way and I'm sorry if youve already answered this, how does one write to an inmate? I know what I want to say, just not how to send it. Thank you!

Writing an inmate is just like writing anyone/sending out any kind of letter.  Your name and return address go on the top left of the envelope, the inmates address right in the middle of the envelope.  Throw on a stamp and you’re done!

Anonymous asked
Do you have anywhere where I can read about that Randy Halpin guy? that other site is down :(

If you want to watch something, here is a link on the Texas Seven.
Here’s an interview with him.
Here is an article on him and his wife, but I think he’s single now (again).