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Anonymous asked
Do you ever correspond with people in prison? I was thinking of writing this guy that I saw on MSNBC Lockup and was wondering if you could give me some advice on what to say to him. Thank you, love your blog!

Thank you so much for looking at/enjoying the blog!

Yes, I correspond with many people who are currently incarcerated.  I’d say to date I’ve corresponded with well over 70 inmates on and off, in the US, UK, and Australia, both male and female.  (But mostly male, for some reason females don’t seem to want to talk to me—-since I’m female myself.)

Ok, let me just say I love the show MSNBC Lockup.  My personal favorite?  Bobby Ray Gilbert of Holman (Alabama) fame.  Actually, my close friend Jessika (Tumblr name thedeathmerchant) is engaged to him—-and he is an amazing guy.

I always encourage people to write if they are interested.  I’ve always been the type to dive into things, so simply watching shows about inmates or reading True Crime books was not enough.

I can’t tell you what to SAY to an inmate you wish to write to, all I can tell you is to be yourself.  That’s the most important thing—-just be real and honest. 

  • Stray away from mentioning their crimes, unless they bring it up and wish to talk about it.  Some inmates jump at the chance to talk about their crimes while others will never bring up the subject.  It’s probably a good idea to do some research on the person you’re writing prior to writing them.  However, keep in mind the media has a way of twisting things/stories, so take what you read with a grain of salt.  Not everything you read online or see on TV is 100% accurate.
  • Don’t ask too many questions right away, instead offer information about yourself.  Remember that most infamous inmates do get quite a bit of mail, and will probably skip over the letters that are too invasive or question heavy.
  • Don’t send anything with your letter (like stamps) until you’ve read the prisons rules or asked the inmate what the prison rules are.  Every prison has different rules for mail.  For example, you can send up to two books of stamps in an envelope to inmates in California, but in New York you absolutely cannot send stamps. 
  • Never send polaroids, but do send photos.  I always start by sending 1-3 photos and ask how many are allowed per envelope.  Giving the inmate an idea of who they are talking to is usually a good idea.  Greeting cards are nice too!  But plain greeting cards, not the musical ones (that will result in your letter being rejected.)  I always send Birthday and Holiday cards to my pen pals.
  • Don’t be dishonest and write to a male inmate as a female if you are indeed male yourself.  That is grimy and deceitful, and will make inmates less trustworthy or willing to write strangers in the future. 
  • Don’t offer anything you can’t give.  Keep in mind that nothing in prison is free.  Inmates don’t get free paper, pens, envelopes or stamps.  Some may ask you to help them out financially so they can write to you.  If you can do this, you should.  If not, don’t say you will.  I send my pen pals $20.00 or so from time to time to help with the cost of writing.  The cheapest way is a Money Order, but is a quick alternative. 
  • If you don’t feel comfortable using your home address, use a P.O. BOX.  I have always used my home address and I have never had any issues.  If you’re terrified of the person you’re writing, you probably shouldn’t be writing them.
  • Keep in mind it may take weeks for the inmate to respond, if they choose to.  Do not be hurt if they don’t respond to you.  Sometimes, it’s a good idea to wait a few months and try again.
  • Don’t assume anything.  If you’re going into this, go into it open-minded.  Remember, inmates have needs and feelings too ;).

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